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Hermes Purple Pink Twill Silk 90 cm Le Fil d'Ariane Scarf

Brand Hermes

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No longer just a scarf, countless creative ideas of showing off these art pieces have been shared over the years, e.g. framed and hung as home decor, several ways of converting it into various fashionable tops and skirts, neckties, belts.

Since 1937, the silk scarves of French fashion house, Hermès, has become an iconic fashion accessory that is recognized all over the world. Hermès scarves and shawls have been collected and adorned by celebrities and royals throughout history, from Audrey Hepburn to Grace Kelly and even Queen Elizabeth II. 

Renowned artists are commissioned each year to create elaborate artworks with bright, vibrant color combinations. An individual scarf typically integrates 20 to 30 different hues, each printed from a unique silkscreen process that can take hundreds of hours to complete. Each one is painstakingly screen-printed, with each color allowed to dry before the next is applied. These art pieces have proved to be timeless collectable pieces of history.

Western culture is rooted in the mythology of ancient Greece: extraordinary tales that capture the human soul, stories of love, jealousy, hatred and infidelity between gods and mortals. Minos, King of Crete, is horrified by the son born to his wife Pasiphaë, fathered by a white bull: the minotaur, a creature with a bull’s head and the body of a man. At the King’s request, the architect Dedalus builds a complex structure of narrow galleries, dead ends and false trails leading nowhere. Only Minos knows the way in and out. Here, the Minotaur is imprisoned. Once a year – or every three years, or nine, accounts vary – seven young men and seven young women are delivered into the labyrinth, never to re-emerge. Until Theseus, a valiant Athenian warrior, offers to destroy the monster. Ariadne, daughter of Minos and Pasiphaë, falls in love with the young hero at first sight, and presents him with a reel of thread, so that he may find his way out once the enemy has been slain: le fil d’Ariane, Ariadne’s thread. Inspired by Dedalus, Natsuno Hidaka’s designed is a striking labyrinth, inviting the eye to wander to the heart of its fascinating geometry.


Color: Violet / Vert / Jaune

Size: 36"x36"

Material: 100% Silk  

Production Year: 2014 Fall / Winter

Designed by: Natsuno Hidaka

Country of Origin: France

Hermes Ref.: H002881S 09


Condition: Brand New with Tag in Box. Store Fresh. Will be shipped in original Hermes boutique packaging.

Comes With: Ribbon, Orange Box.

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